My Story List….


Work again. – I did for awhile at least. And, still searching for opportunities.

Skydive. Done, Sept ’09

My handcycle to get here, so I can finally ride it. – I ride it as much as I can.

Float the Grand Canyon.

Go to Boston.

Go to the Eastern Block of Europe.

Go to South America.

Go to the Spinal Cord Injury Retreat in Payson, AZ. – I left Arizona before this happened.

Finaly edit all, there is a lot, video from our trip to Veitnam trip.

Take this blog to the next level and build my own website, so I can do more. With all I have done with the drawlings, video, photos, and resume` I tend to think anything I would want to do can be done with So, check!!!!

Volunteer at the Phx Children’s Hospital. – I left before I did this. Still searching potential opportunities here in Colorado. Currently, looking at the and working with a teacher I know as an opportunity. I would tend think working with more than two or three at a time would be a bit too much. Always looking for new ideas on that.

Learn to ski again. I did make the attempt. But, due to my length I couldn’t find a bucket that worked for me. Perhaps, in the future. Just not something I am interested in at the moment.

Bike through wine country.

Find a new place to live. – Athens, Texas.

Go to Glaicer National Park.

Go to San Diego. – Memorial Day Weekend, 2007

Get more involved in Green Building. At this point I have let go of any construction opportunities. I did speak with Boom-Boom and possibly him assisting with a project here in CO would be something I would consider, but that is about it.

Play basketball. I played with the local team for a season. But, I guess the hour drive to get there and get back doesn’t pass the cost/benefit analysis. Hopefully, when I get back, I can use the athletic chair I have to push around Flatirons mall. I really did enjoy that. I gave me a great feeling of being on a bike.

Car Camp. Done-and-Done. Sept. of ’09, a truly special time of my life. I always regretted not getting a Crater Lake t-shirt. however, I was at REI and found a Crater Lake T-shirt on the clearance rack. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity.

1] BIKE THRU WINE COUNTRY; This one is hold-over from the original.

2] THE CANYON; These days with my propensity for skin issues I’m not even sure about this one. It was on the original so I just kept it for that reason. Definitely an experience I don’t feel the need t do. But, who knows that what may return. So, it remains on the list.

3] THE EASTERN BLOCK; As with floating the Grand Canyon merely just a thought. I’m not entirely sure about making the trip. With Air travel these days I could miss out on this one and like the Canyon it remains.

4] VISIT A GLACIER; As with the previous 3 included in the original list, and remains. Maybe with my next one in mind I’d make the trip via the railroad. I would tend to think this one is one of the most plausible and more of a matter of when?

5] RIDE THE RAILS; It’s been sometime since I have travelled anywhere and with the “nightmare” that has become air travel I’d like to take a trip via the railroad. Chillin’ Like villain in the dining car, sounds kinda like unique experience. Additionally, instead of racing the destination take a bit of extra time, and time is definitely something I have plenty of these days, and enjoy the ride as well as the destination.

6] BALTIC SEA CRUISE; I found the NAU Alumni Association website, via Facebook, where I found an NAU alumni association event that is a cruise thru the Baltic Sea. It is this summer, So I am “on the clock” with this one.

7] DC ROADSHOW; A road-trip to DC, via Highway 50, to Washington DC and spend two weeks just touring the museums, historical sites, and any tourists attractions that I might be forgetting.

8] COLLEGE REUNION; Thinking about some sorts of College/Lumberjack friends 10 years reunion of sorts. I chatted with Little Yessie the other day and that thought kinda came to mind and as I missed a wedding this fall that many of my college friends were at and would definitely like to catch up and spend a weekend going a bit old school, aka Flagstaff Style. The 10 year reunion concept is just an excuse of getting everyone together.

9] BECOME A SPACEMAN; As the space race as evolved from a race between countries to a race between captains of Industries going to space will at some point be plausible. When that time comes I’d definitely like to go.

10] AIR SPACE; I’ve mentioned this one before. But, if I do have to fly at some point I would rather fly in a new Boeing 787, and possibly might make flying again worth the hassle.

11] Big Bass Player; I was at a Bass Pro Shops recently and I found out that they offer a wide range of outdoor related trips and resorts around the country. they are reasonable affordable and a couple of them sound rather pleasurable and fun. Could also be associated with Riding The Rails. I don’t have one specifically in mind at this point. But, I’m sure if it’s something I had to make a choice I could do that.

12] Create my first Photo-journalist story. I have actually started this one. I just need to finish it. I currently have plans this week for this one. So, stay tuned. Just for the curious; Benny the Show is the subject of the story.

13] Learn to play the piano. I tried on my own for a while, but I couldn’t quite get it. I really do need a teacher for this.

14] Birthday Surprise; I have known Justin for nearly 20 years, however, I have never got his birthday right. This most recent year I missed is birthday by only one day this year. One year I’d like to get the correct day and do his birthday right. Perhaps make a weekend of it? It’s pretty much become a running joke. I don’t know where I got the 23rd instead of the 21st, as his birthday. Make it a birthday surprise a take him out on the right day and “paint the town red” as they say.

A nice baker’s dozen, plus one? These are some chapters that I would like to the story that is my life; “My Story”


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