Winter Solstice

09 Feb

No other time of year is more bitter sweet than the week of Superbowl. It’s that time of year when the biggest game of the year is played, and unfortunately the season’s final game. The NFL really does save the best for last as it seems like it’s been a long time since there was a blowout. It’s great to have a down to the final play Superbowl, and in recent memory many have been down to the last possession or play. Superbowl Sunday has become a national holiday. No other sport wether it’s a major, minor, extreme, or golf has such a huge build up leading to a one game, winner take all. Not only that with the change from one week between the AFC and NFC Championship game to two weeks means that Superbowl weekend is also my birthday weekend. And, every few years the Superbowl and my birthday fall on the same day. I will say it would be cool to go to a Superbowl on my Birthday, now that would be something. And, when Monday comes it’s 8 long months till the new NFL season starts up again, and 1 find myself one year older.

The sweet is the birthday and Superbowl. The bitter is the long 8 months till the new football season and realization that I am one year older. Perhaps, have been stricken by the Peter Pan Syndrome when it comes to my age. Just like the New Year is the end of one year and the start of another.

With a few days into the new year I hope my 35th year is better than my 33rd, and 34th. If my birthday this year is any indicator, it just might turnout all right?

As this concludes my broadcast day!!!

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