I May Not Be A Gentleman, But I Do Dig My Headgear With Style!!!!

17 Jan

Do I like a nicely fitted ball cap?….oh yeah, you betcha!!! Actually I totally dig ’em. And, not just a ball cap, but also few other styles too. I rarely go anywhere without a cap within in my reach. In my life I’ve had so many different styles of hats. It’s been that way since the very beginning. And, in that time I’ve had a few cowboy hats, a Sombrero or two, conductor’s hat, One of them Irish hats, a couple of graduation caps, and a few others., and most recently a fedora. The new addition was meant for Phill, however, the _______ took my Sammmy A Irish style hat on his way out of town after Christmas. Take a man’s hat….????? Just ain’t right. Actually, I as unhappy to hand it over, however, he looks quite gentlemanly in it, and nothing wrong with that. As, he un-like me is actually a gentleman.

I couldn’t even imagine how many I’ve had over the years. Hundreds, possibly. Those who know me wouldn’t disagree with the thought that I pretty much always wear a ball cap of some kind. Rarely do I ever leave the house without a cap on my head, or on the ready. I just love the feel of a well fitted ball cap with the brim of the hat having just right amount of curvature to it. And, I’m overly boasting myself a bit, but I’m a skilled craftsman when it comes to getting the perfect curvature for a ball cap. Back at NAU I knew someone that would steal my caps because of my ability to get the perfect curvature for the brim.

There was a time in our history, long before I was born, when a gentleman would wear a hat that wasn’t a ball cap as it was a social norm, and possibly expected. Of course, back when a gentleman would also take off the hat while indoors, or at the dinner table. However, somewhere between the “Rat Pack” and the “Brat Pack” the norm was no longer. So, I went old school and found an old-timer and asked him? Old School as in before the printing press the only way to learn of the past was handed down generation to generation, it’s what they call an oral history. And, this was his thoughts.

Damn you ball cap, damn you? So now its become just a fashion statement and appearing as some kind of hipster doofus is inevitably. It’s kinda a bummer to be honest. If a guy or dude wants to show a bit personal style, or try represent himself as a gentlemanly is a bit more challenging. So, a guy either takes the chance at looking as if trying to make a fashion statement or hipster is a bit annoying.

For myself, I am nothing short of an incompetent putz when it comes to fashion. I were two types of pants. Cargo in a dark brown color, and light brown color. I pretty much only were t-shirts these days. And, even those are boring. As, with my previous post about guys and their t-shirts, these days I’ve accumulated a collection of blank tee’s as it’s been sometime since I’ve done anything. I do have a ew polo style shirts, which I could wear. but, I just wore those for work. I got a dozen, or so, but since I don’t have a job I rarely break those out. Which leaves me with only cap to show any sense of style or persona. So, the way I figure it is I can accept that I’m a hipster doofus, or just stick with the ball caps. Either way, I don”t go far without headwear. As, I have always lived life in the sun. And, as hopefully things improve I’d like to be back living in the sun again, come this summer. At the end of the day; a gentleman I ain’t.

So, I’ll just leave you with this;

As this concludes my broadcast day!

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