Thanks You Notes?

24 Dec

The information age at this point has completely invaded all aspects of our lives, so I ask, “what is the current SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for communicating your thanks and/or appreciation? What are the rules of the road these days? It was only a few decades ago that only way to communicate with someone was; in person, the mail, telegraph, a fax machine, and the telephone. Before the World Wide Web writing a thank you note was required as that was pretty much the sole avenue for saying; Thank You. I know, for myself, I should be better at it. It was something that ma made sure we did for Christmas and birthday gifts. There were no if…ands…or buts about it. As an adult, I’m so very, very bad. To add to my list of excuses for my substandard thank you writing habits is that my handwriting is absurd. My penmanship is nothing short of atrocious. I mean, those who have seen my writing or have received a thank you note understands this thought, that I am sure of. So, in the event if you do get one you aren’t very likely to decipher the message. For me, I absolutely need a keyboard to communicate my thoughts when using the written word. Writing thank you notes is one of my many, many countless habits that needs to be improved upon. But, I am consciously trying to get better as Christmas is upon us.

For myself, I really don’t feel that writing down your thanks on a piece of paper, licking the envelope, putting a stamp on it, and then finally putting it in the mailbox isn’t really necessary. For me, just a simple thanks is more than sufficient, and ideally they are actually appreciative for whatever I’ve done in which a thank you note would be “needed”. The task of an old school Thank You Note does take a lot of time out of our already busy lives. For myself it’s all day event/spectacle. As, it typically takes several attempts to make it not only readable, but coherent as well. My thank you note writing habits are nothing short of hellacious, and that’s an understatement. Moving on……

Jess, my sister-n-law, is about as old school as it gets in regards thank you writing habits. It’s amazing to me how on top of thank you notes she is, it’s re-duck-ilious!!! It’s really and truly impressive to say the least. Not only are her words true and well thought out, but very timely as well. She makes me look like an absolute and total “richard” when it comes to writing thank you notes. I tend to think that she does enjoy writing and receiving thank you notes, but not certain. I’ve also been watching that Fallon guy on the internet and he even takes time out his very busy week to express his thanks. I’m not sure, but (add sarcastic tone here) I think it’s intended to be a humorous bit of some kind? I’m not entirely sure? Someone may have to explain it to me….(end sarcastic tone, here)?

And, in an attempt to keep things interesting I’ve added a poll to ask; what are your Thank You Note preferences? If you have an opinion I’d be curious to know, really I would? And, I don’t think I am the only one that is a bit confused about the “Thank You Note” protocol is these days? So, I am taking a poll to find out. If you have a preference please vote, trust me….it won’t bite!

So, heading into the New Year getting better and making a better effort in the Thank You Note department is on my agenda. Additionally, actually working to improve not only the words I use, but also my penmanship that goes with writing a thank you note.

To wrap things up (pun kinda, but really intended)…I will leave you with Little Jimmy Fallon writing his thank you notes.

Have a very merry Christmas ya’ll!!!!!

As this concludes my broadcast day!

All Rights, Yada-Yada!!!

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