Old Times, Old Buddies, and Old T-shirts

22 Dec

Old buddies just don’t get tossed away for just because they’ve gotten old. Buddies can go a long time and pick up right where they left off. It’s cool when you haven’t seen a buddy for a while and then you meet up again and it’s as if you saw him only a few days ago. Nothing more reliable than an old buddy and the all the stories that come with being a buddy. Some good, some not so good, and some out right dumb. Yea, guys friendships aren’t the same as the gals, but always dependable and easy. Our buddies are a big part of who we are. Once a buddy, always a buddy. You never lose a buddy.

With our buddies at the bar, a tailgate, a hunting trip, or sporting event, and anything else we do that comes with stories of the old times. We like the dumb things we do, and not ashamed to admit them. It’s cool to sit around and tell “lies” and enjoy a nice tall frosty, or a glass of your favorite spirits. Tell lame jokes, and make sure to share a story that reminds us of the dumb things we’ve done. It’s what us guys do. And, just as our buddies and stories are who we are our, t-shirts are very much the same. As, most women know yet don’t understand why we have so many _____ t-hirts. It’s a guy thing, wanna ya gonna do?

So, as I was getting my winter gear out and stashing away the summer whatnots for the upcoming winter. Since I’ve had to move back in with ma I have all my cloths in a couple of bags. It wasn’t long before I found my t-shirt stash. That’s right, my t-shirt stash. Those t-shirts that I’ve had for a decade or longer. Those shirts that although haven’t been worn in years, or now in retirement can’t be tossed in the trash or used as rags. That would be flat out wrong. A man just can’t throw away his t-shirts. I don’t know why exactly why us guys don’t toss our shirts. But, it ain’t happening. For most guys we have lots of t-shirts, and most go un-worn.

Much like guys don’t understand the shoe thing with most gals, most women don’t understand a man’s need for his t-shirts. Some are mementos, or souvenirs of some sorts. My oldest is a Cal Berkeley shirt from my first visit to the bay area in the late 1990’s. And, all the way up to a Crater Lake shirt I got at an REI for my trip there in ’09. I wanted to get one when I was there, but I would have had to back tracked a bit too far. So, I had to get the one I found on the REI clearance rack. Many of my coolest, awesomest, and most triumphant experiences in my adult life has a shirt from that time. Stitches in time are our t-shirts. They are a way to show our own style or persona. Our triumphs and successes. Our t-shirts are who we are as guys. I’m also adding hoodies to this. As, hoodies have become popular and are much like the t-shirts we collect. I have my hoodies just like my t-shirts that I wear, or kinda wear, or are in retirement. I can’t live with out ’em. You gals might not understand, but it’s what we do. Comes with being a guy.

So, I’ll make this one short and leave you with a photo gallery of my t-shirts, and hoodies.

As this concludes my broadcast day.

So, enjoy my collection.

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