Updated; To Life Story List.

18 Dec

In the five years since I created my first Life-list, circa June 2007. It appears as if many of those goals have been completed or accomplished, since. And, as things have much improved in regards the nerve pain I endure. So, the reduced need for drugs to help deal with the above issues I think it might be a time dig deep and think about what experiences I wold like to have in life. I feel like it is time to update my life list. As of today I have completed 15 or the 19 experiences I first added. Not bad? pretty good considering some more recent challenges. Items still remaining are; 1] Bike thru Wine Country 2] float the Grand Canyon 3] Visit the East Block of Europe. 4] Visit Glacier National Park.

As, with the first “life-list” I intentionally ignored some realities and fell into the wishful thinking category. I do view my list and the bucket-list way different. The greatest different between a bucket-list and a “Life-List” are those experiences that are needs vs. wants. For myself, if I never go to South America or bike thru wine country that I don’t feel it would be any kind of “regret” or whatnot. There are plenty of experiences that I would love to do, but if I were on my death bed I wouldn’t be thinking I had wished I had done this or that. Many of the added experiences to this list are experiences that would seem to be really, really be fun and not much more. If I were terminal ill, to be overly honest, I suspect that list would look different. As there would be those things that would provide some sorts of closure with my or one’s life, which is more of a need than a want. My list are more of wants and not entirely in the need category.

Which leads me to “My Story List”, which better represents a different meaning than the bucket-list. As these experiences are those experiences or events that are the chapters that make us who we are. Everyone has their own story in life, and those adventures, experiences, and the things we do that becomes your/my story. They are the stories you share later around the kitchen table. At the local coffee shop, tavern/pub/bar, or at parties, and so on. Things we do that make us who we are. So, with all that here are some adventures that will one day hopefully will become a part of the story of my life. So here is; “My Story List”, not a freaking bucket-list.

1] BIKE THRU WINE COUNTRY; This one is hold-over from the original.

2] THE CANYON; These days with my propensity for skin issues I’m not even sure about this one. It was on the original so I just kept it for that reason. Definitely an experience I don’t feel the need t do. But, who knows that what may return. So, it remains on the list.

3] THE EASTERN BLOCK; As with floating the Grand Canyon merely just a thought. I’m not entirely sure about making the trip. With Air travel these days I could miss out on this one and like the Canyon it remains.

4] VISIT A GLACIER; As with the previous 3 included in the original list, and remains. Maybe with my next one in mind I’d make the trip via the railroad. I would tend to think this one is one of the most plausible and more of a matter of when?

5] RIDE THE RAILS; It’s been sometime since I have travelled anywhere and with the “nightmare” that has become air travel I’d like to take a trip via the railroad. Chillin’ Like villain in the dining car, sounds kinda like unique experience. Additionally, instead of racing the destination take a bit of extra time, and time is definitely something I have plenty of these days, and enjoy the ride as well as the destination.

6] BALTIC SEA CRUISE; I found the NAU Alumni Association website, via Facebook, where I found an NAU alumni association event that is a cruise thru the Baltic Sea. It is this summer, So I am “on the clock” with this one.

7] DC ROADSHOW; A road-trip to DC, via Highway 50, to Washington DC and spend two weeks just touring the museums, historical sites, and any tourists attractions that I might be forgetting.

8] COLLEGE REUNION; Thinking about some sorts of College/Lumberjack friends 10 years reunion of sorts. I chatted with Little Yessie the other day and that thought kinda came to mind and as I missed a wedding this fall that many of my college friends were at and would definitely like to catch up and spend a weekend going a bit old school, aka Flagstaff Style. The 10 year reunion concept is just an excuse of getting everyone together.

9] BECOME A SPACEMAN; As the space race as evolved from a race between countries to a race between captains of Industries going to space will at some point be plausible. When that time comes I’d definitely like to go.

10] AIR SPACE; I’ve mentioned this one before. But, if I do have to fly at some point I would rather fly in a new Boeing 787, and possibly might make flying again worth the hassle.

11] Big Bass Player; I was at a Bass Pro Shops recently and I found out that they offer a wide range of outdoor related trips and resorts around the country. they are reasonable affordable and a couple of them sound rather pleasurable and fun. Could also be associated with Riding The Rails. I don’t have one specifically in mind at this point. But, I’m sure if it’s something I had to make a choice I could do that.

12] Create my first Photo-journalist story. I have actually started this one. I just need to finish it. I currently have plans this week for this one. So, stay tuned. Just for the curious; Benny the Show is the subject of the story.

13] Home; I would like to get back my home.

A nice baker’s dozen. These are some chapters that I would like to add to “My Story”

As, this concludes my broadcast day.

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