My Barista Can Brew Better Than Your Barista

14 Dec

It had been sometime since I was a regular guest at my favorite Coffee shop for a nice dark roast. As odd as I am, if I’m not in “my” spot things just don’t jive right. The last few times I have sat in a different spot than I usually do, and I just couldn’t find my grove. Makes no sense to me, but what is a man to do? So, I now make sure I get “my” spot on the couch. My but may end up leaving an impression here soon. I spend more time at a coffee shop than a “Friend”.

Which leads me to where I going. That being the huge societal change that coffee shops have become. I mean, it’s fun to go to a coffee shop that has a nice ambiance with friendly barista’s. The barista’s at my coffee shop are by far the the most awesomeness. I’ve been going to the same one for a long time now. I mean I go there so much that I do consider them my friends, seriously I do. As silly as that might be I still would tend to think that having my barista as my friends is better than hundreds of social networking friends. I mean I know so much of them and they know so much of me that I go back time and time again to see them as much as anything else.

Since my return to my daily coffee shop time I saw one that I hadn’t seen in sometime as I wasn’t going much over past two months. And, one was actually rather upset I wasn’t around, seriously. I had a talkin’ too about my absence. I did explain I was being a bad coffee shop friend, but I will be back again. I was fortunately forgiven for my lack of presence. Life does have it’s surprises, and this something I’ve said countless times, but if I would have been told five years ago my barista’s would be a friend I would have said your nuts. But, they are. And, far better friends from the World Wide Web. either way, I’m very happy to have them as friends. Even though they do think I’m nuts, and I am. And, always have been.

And, who do I have to thank for those friends…Howard Shultz. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. Say what you will about Starbucks, and no I don’t get Starbuck’s Coffee as it’s just too _____ hot. I literally burn my mouth, and it’s burns easy. But, he did bring the coffee shop to America. Soon after the Nisqually earthquake I recall a few cheers that the Starbuck’s office in South Seattle incurred some damage, and that’s a whole other story. At that time I wasn’t the coffee addict that I am today. That didn’t come till my time in Portland, the 4:50am alarm drove me right over the coffee addiction cliff. But, that would be yet another story.

Without the modern day coffee shop where did people go to socialize? I mean the obvious option was a bar, pub, or tavern. I can’t think of another place in our modern day that has that social environment. I guess for many years there were places like the Elks Club, and other different but similar type places. But, most of those type of places are more a part of our history these days. In some cases the modern day coffee shop has replaced those types of clubs, and whatnots. It’s a very social place. Everyone hopped up on caffeine and legally buzzed. Quite often I see a few different people there as often I as I am there. And, every so often you meet someone that has something interesting to add to your day. Our coffee shops are our current day social clubs. And, I am a proud card carrying member. And, by Howard Shultz bringing Starbuck’s to us he also brought our the modern day social club. And, yeah Starbuck’s went a little crazy there for a while. But, in the end they have done far more good, than bad.

And as I finish my last bit of dark roast I’ll leave you with this.

As someone once said, “The coffee bean is proof that God wants us to be happy”.

As, this concludes my broadcast day.

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