Pictures In Time….

04 Dec

The pasts few days in efforts of staying busy and sane during this most recent round of snow storms I have been scanning in old photo’s that have been left hidden storage containers. A bit of a break from reality for a while, and some what productive. Having that sense of being productive has a been good. And really, there is only so much on the internet to keep me busy, distracted, or entertained. It wasn’t really I was planning on this as I was more focused on all the old film strip we have that dates back to as early as 1935. I have “digitized” a small amount of the film strip. Ideally, when the time is right to digitize the film professionally we have a greater sense of what we have, and a method in getting that done. And, getting the film strip we have digitized requires I do it at night as get a better video quality. So, during the days I have digitized the enormous amount of photos that has been hidden away. And, images of the good times long gone, but not forgotten.

With the huge quantity of photo’s I’m not sure which ones to skip and which ones to scan in. It’s bit of a guessing game to be honest. I guess I trying to get the pictures that tell a tell a story. As, they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Either way, as things have improved in regards the pain issues I’ve had to deal with I’m trying to move forward and not backwards. However, this “timeout” from those things I need to deal today, or tomorrow has been much needed as I have a big haul ahead of me.

I unfortunately let things drag on too long and should have had this most recent surgery much earlier. As, hindsight is always better as well all know. With that I have had the chance to reflect on the things I did right, and the mistakes I made. As I said before, if I don’t learn from these past few years they would just be lost. Learning from one’s mistakes can be more beneficially than our successes. And, with that hindsight I feel that the pain issues beat me, defeated me. With that, the prayers and support of so many has given me a chance for a rematch. And, currently as I move forward with a “Joel Tenant Improvement Project 2.0” I have advantage of hindsight.

So, with that I am going to continue to write and share what I can. However, with this Improvement Project 2.0 I am working on writing less about day-to-day life, and sharing or writing more about the things I see and observations about the world around us all. And, yes it will include some of my life and experiences, however, I hope to bring more observations and thoughts with a broader view. And, this post is a nice transition from my earlier writings to my future posts. I have Andy Rooney as my guide in my future writings and thoughts. Cairn, for the hikers out there. Lighthouse for the sailors. Mile Markers for the road trippers.

I do have a few post I have been working on with this new writing that has a much broader perspective in the hopper. I’m not sure how it will work out. As, I have found writing is something I never thought I would enjoy, but as it turns out I do. And, I am sure I will have a few flubs, a few good ones, and some in between. Where this takes me I have no idea. But, I guess I have been at this too long to just let this Web-log just fade away.

I guess, I hope one day to share news that will make all this writing worth it. And, all of those who pray for me will have them come true. It is what I hope for. If I keep on writing and those keep on praying for me is something that seems like the right thing to do? And one day….?

So, I will leave you with few pictures of yesteryear.

As this concludes my broadcast day.

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  1. Maria Lewis

    December 4, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    Wow Joel, in the picture of you and the Hansens and Thurstons you are even smilling like Brenden Hansen dose now. You looked a lot like him on that picture you posted on FB. Family genetics are crazy@


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