I paid a small price, but dangit….I did it!!!

02 Dec

Since I have been back home and living with ma, again, and really before that I have wanted to digitize much of the old film strip we have from as early as 1935, if not before. We have a lot of film that Gramps, Pete Yates; AKA the real “Jack Dawson”, Grandma, and pops. These days who wants to put in all the effort to watch that film with an actual film projector? Although old school and neat-o, as it is old school, I’d rather watch the film on a large TV or computer screen. Perhaps editing some of the shot together and tell some kind of story? Not sure as of yet, but stay tuned for further details.

I did finally get the box with all that wonderful film yesterday. As, a few days before I found a awesomely working projector thru Craigslist. Man, I love that site/place. I have used and abused Craigslist like a rented mule over the years. Unfortunately, Craigslist has had a nasty impact on the newspaper world. Like anything else in life just about all things evolve. and once worked before may not work today.

To add a few more details on the “how” I got the film reels is the reason for this post. I actually enlisted the help of a couple of nice guys with working legs. As, what I was looking for was in the basement and I wasn’t entirely sure of it’s location. Adding 6 inches of snow made things a bit more complicated. But, they were very gracious in trying to help me out. However, I wasn’t entirely sure where and in what container the film reels were in, and having to shout from up to the down stairs did make things a tad more difficult. It really was overly optimistic to think I could communicate enough info to help them find what I needed. So, really the odds weren’t our my favor. I did get some old photo’s pulled up from the basement which was cool, as I am currently scanning in many of the old photos into my computer, doh. Currently, there are about a half-dozen storage container in the living room that are not only disheveled, but a mess. I am pretty sure that isn’t something ma would like to see, whoops?

With all that, I did get the films and have digitized some of them. Most, being from the Yates side of the family. I did find a few frames of Grampa Bill, and Gramma Mary while visiting Ma during her time in Columbia with the Peace Corps, 1967 to 1969. I showed ma this morning via Skype and she did appreciate seeing those. I’m sure when she gets back she’ll watch the rest. At this point I have about 30 to 40 minutes of film. It’s not the best, as I had to monitor the film projector’s speed to avoid any flickering. And, plan to get all the film digitized. It’s not the best quality, but it works just fine.

So, with all that I do have a point. I was a bit pissed, with some “Winter Anger” as Nike names it. I used that frustration/anger/energy inside that needed to get burnt off, and did something thing actually productive. As with many emotions, experiences, tangible items, and situations what you do with those is most important. I could have stewed and just got more flustered very easily. As, with the snow outside I am kinda snowed in which kinda keeps me at home, as I don’t like to freeze my hands off. With a wheelchair you can’t avoid getting your hands uber-cold, it’s just part of the deal. Not complaining on that one. Just an FYI, I guess. So, I did something by all measures a bit dumb, but I did something positive with my time and energy. And, as actual bumps heal rather easily compared to the bumps we have inside. Yesterday, I did do something rather silly and not so smart but I did something that gave me the chance to say “I did”. As, Bo knows; “Just do it”. Yoell knows “I done it”. Feels good.

So, although I may have done something I really shouldn’t have, however, today I can say “Done”. And instead of making matters worse in times of “anger” I did something productive. And, that is a huge improvement. As before, I would regularly make matters worse for myself. I would stumble backwards, but yesterday I stumbled forward, a bit. And, that for me counts for a lot these days. At least inside Joel.

I very much could be wrong in my thoughts, which is fine. As, at times I find myself writing to help me answer some questions I may have. Muddle through a thought I may have. Not always the case, but this one is one of those. And, as I conclude this post I feel I’m not completely wrong. Who knows…..

Just my random thoughts I wanted to share. And, my usage of the word anger may not be the right word. It was just that I saw an ad from Nike and some tag line that has “Winter’s Anger” is all, and it seemed to fit with the snow outside. I could have found a better word, but I wanted to make the point about what you do with “fiil in the blank” , and not what your are dealing with or have.

And, I have a few un-edited shots from the filmstrip I got. I no particular order. Perhaps, a small break from your day. Something new, that is old?

And, this would conclude my broadcast day.

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