Seeing An Oasis…..

29 Nov

With a previous post I wrote of the K.I.S.S method to which I changed the title of that sediment to “Winger-ology.” With that same thought in mind I have found myself trying not to assume anything these days. And, as the old adage goes, Assume is…yada, yada. I don’t really see need in completing that line. But, with that same thought in mind I have found the phrase, “Seeing An Oasis” is a bit better.

Very early on in this new life I felt I could assume that I could do this or that, and did so. I should be able to do this, or that. A lot of assuming. However, these days I need to be less assuming, and being more realistic. I’m not sure when things changed. I was recently looking back at a some of my old video’s and found “Crator Lake”, as my video’s give me some sense of comfort and renewed perspective. Watching that reminds me of what I have done, and I can do again. Moving on, That September day I hopped out of my daily and right into the Lasher and took a direct route to the trailhead without a thought in the world beyond that. I just assumed and off I went. As it turns out, I went where quite possibly where no SCI had gone before. It was a literal and figurative peak in my life. It was an awesome feeling, it was if the wind at my back nothing was going to stop me.

These days I feel as if I have hit a pretty gnarly headwind and I’m trying to fight my way thru it. I can’t deny I have my bad days, that I can’t hide from. I have a good days too. I am defiantly catching up with the things and people that I missed or passed this past year or so. I don’t think I am for off in the thought that in times when you find yourself fallen behind catching back up is tough. Like in Golf, easy to bogey…hard to birdie. I am getting a better sense of catching up to the Peloton, for the cyclists out there. depending on my day it seems closer, and days beyond the horizon.

Looking back, I guess there is some good in assuming at times. As, assuming has a sense of optimism, confidence, and what not. There definitely have been times when I just simply could an did assume. And, wouldn’t you know it. Things worked out. However, a bit tattered and thrashed I really need to clear the eyes and take a look around a see what I need to do to get past this headwind, drought if you will. Focus on what I can and need to do, not assuming. “Searching For An Oasis”

Fortunately, from time to time one can find an oasis when things aren’t looking so well. But, that is something I currently can’t rely on. I feel a bit desolate and in a drought. I know I need to focus on what I can do and how to do that. I would say I haven’t done the best in recent times. I’m and doing what I can, I think?. And, if that means using words that are less negative words than I will do so. And, ideally with one step will lead to another, and another. And, who knows. perhaps I can find that oasis, or tailwind. And, making a few assumptions from time to time wouldn’t be so bad?

I suppose it’s a fine line. Life has it’s seasons. this one has been what it’s been. Not my best work, by far. I can’t hide from it, if I want be the better man I want to be. But who knows, one day, one step, and beyond that? But, I do know I wouldn’t have made it this far without the many, people, prayers, and patience. Ya’ll are my oasis, if you will. Today, November 29th 2011, that does count for a lot, although I don’t show it as I should. I am a work in progress and as much as I’d like to give up, and somedays do. I can’t and won’t as there are so many full of prayers and hopes or me. I can’t give up on me, as I would be giving up on ya’ll. I’m not sure if that’s fair to say, but these days? I do wanna be a better man. It just takes time, fortitude, and persistence. Knowing there will be days I just wanna toss in the towel. But, everyone out there is what keeps the fire burning. Ya’ll are my strength. So, a very thankful thanks with all I have. With all my heart.

And, ideally one day I will without thought I can go after it as it would be that sense of confident, optimism, and hope again as I once had. Obviously, assuming people, or things is still not such a good idea regardless of where one is at in life.

Oh, and Milk Tuesday. Milk does do a body good.

So, I leave you with the re-release of Crator Lake, Sept. ’09. Proof of what’s possible.

This concludes my broadcast day….

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