Ole’ Blue

26 Nov

last week I was down in the basement with ma the other day for a number of reasons, at this point it’s not currently not related to this specific post. However, It did get me few things that I’d like to share for another stay tuned for that.

Moving on, While in the basement we serendipitously stumbled upon a box of old Old School camera gear that functions just fine; a HI8 Film Camera, a Super8 Filmstrip Camera, and two different film still camera’s with a varity of lenses. The High-8 camera works just fine and has plenty of horsepower with all broadcasts and videos I upload to youtube. Currently, I wonder do need a 1080P with 12.0 megapixel Digital camera. It would uber-cool, at bit at this point I just it’s needed, but wanted. Maybe in the future, but for the moment I have what I need.

With that, I found some shots on a HI8 cassette which had footage that is nearly 20 years old. On the cassette were a bunch of shots that were from our time in Crestview and the Larkspur house. I don’t think Bryan and Phill would want any of those shots published. However, It was fun to see all that footage from so many years ago. Pops was also in there which a nice discovery, as he was my Superman. I found a few frames of Ole’ Blue. Yea, my first and beloved car. A 1986 fuel-injected Plymouth Reliant, K car. Yea, that’s right. You got a problem with that (insert some sense of scarcasm here). It truly was a rocking and “yoellin'” ride, indeed. So with that, I leave you with of few frames of my first yoellin’ ride….AKA, The Blue Lagoon. That re-discovered footage I had to share, and I hope you enjoy it as I enjoyed having that ride.

So, without further delay……

This concludes my broadcast day….

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