21 Nov

As of late, it seems as if I am getting a greater sense of balance and control of my drug usage relative to my pain and managing it. At this point, I don’t drink alcohol anymore for obvious reasons. So, as I move forward slowly and cautiously I am trying to keep simple and easy. Attempting to improve myself, and many of the strained friendships as a consequence of the past few yeas. I obviously can’t take that time back, but maybe if I don’t give up possibly I can improve on the stained friendships. The only thing that I could do to make things worse at this point is to not learn from my obvious mistakes, on moving forward. As, in life if you don’t learn from your mistake you’ll likely repeat them, as there is definitely many I have made. I find myself avoiding those things that feel might be a bit too much or perhaps a bit beyond my abilities. It seems to be working as I do feel a bit better. My sleep is getting a bit better. Also, I’m not entirely sure, but I get the sense that things are still improving. No necessarily week over week, but month over month. I could be wrong, but it does seem that way. As, in the past week or so I’ve been having dreams again, and I literal mean dreams or REM sleep. The reduction in drugs very well could be a reason for that. Either way waking up from a dream is actually quite a delight. I realize this sounds nuts , but I do know that dreaming during the night was something I was not getting for sometime.

I have also found some new things about myself that I had forgotten I had, or newly discovered. It has been nice to nurture those things in my life. As, I have added a new page, Drawlings, to the site. Some are better than others, but I have enjoyed drawing again tremendously. I always seem to have a couple I’m working on at any given time. I typically will go back a few times before I consider it completed. I have few more thoughts on that issue, but that will have wait on that for the moment.

Which leads me to “Winger-olgy”. Winger-ology is the study of keeping it simple. I could use the K.I.S.S. as a descriptor, but in efforts to keep things positive as possible I am going with Winger-ology. At this point anything I can to do improve things and find any way possible avoid negativity moving forward is good, if not better. the K.I.S.S. method was first introduced to me in high school by my Algebra teacher, Don Winger; Niwot High School. And, after hearing the news of his passing sometime ago it seemed only appropriate to use his name in redefining the concept. And, those who knew me, and our interactions in High School…well karma is something that makes sense to me. And, all these years later I have an appreciation of him as an educator, at the time I didn’t have. Fortunately, I had the chance to run into him before his passing, a long time and another life ago. I’m glad I had that chance.

As Mr. Winger was a great educator, and I fear that we are losing more educators everyday because how they are under-appreciated these days. Fortunately, I’m not a economist so I can’t comment on whether they are paid enough or not. But, I do know they are not given the respect and appreciation they deserve. They do a very important job of educating the youth of America. As, knowledge is power. I could easily think of 2 individuals that left teaching not because of the pay, but of how they were treated, viewed, and a few other reasons. I don’t see that people appreciate the challenges of being a teacher these days. Teaching a noble profession, regardless of the pay, the comments and views of so many is unfortunate. As, one day they will be leading this country. Principle Vernon said it well, “that one day these kids will be running this country.” And, if my math is mildly correct. Those days are here, or coming very quickly. And, as I hear time and time again many say they don’t want to leave the their kids, and/or grand-kids left to pay for the current US debt. I would say, we shouldn’t leave them not only broke, but under-educated too. And, this is coming for a B/C Student. I never was the best student in class, but I understood an education is valuable asset and get you the things, and whatnot in life with an education.

Just my random thoughts…..

Joel “A work in Progress” Yates

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