For Those Just Tuning In…..

23 Oct

This will my be my 350th post (+/-) in the nearly five years of writing about my life in this new reality. I never saw myself as a writer of any sorts before this. Which is rather ironic as I graduated From THE true NAU in Flagstaff, AZ with a “Broadcasting/Telecommunications/Electronic Media” Degree, and a minor in Marketing. AKA, a communications degree. To be honest I am not entirely sure what degree I ended up with in the end. If my memory serves me correctly, as a freshman I would go to the Broadcasting section of the catalog for the classes offered and needed. By my second or third year I needed to find the Telecommunications section. By the time I was a senior and finishing up the required credits to graduate I needed to find the Electronic Media section of the catalog. And, in 2000 I earned my B.A.. That summer I applied to Northwest Cable News and was given a chance to interview. And, as a big surprise to me I was offered a position I couldn’t refuse, and didn’t. However, due to the “” bust, an Earthquake, and the diagnosis of pops my time was in Seattle became short in a hurry. Before I knew it I was back in Colorado living with Justin and Watson.

When I came back to Colorado I did get a part-time job at a small “production company”, however, things didn’t workout. So, I gave up on the industry and found Construction Management. Which led me to California and Arizona.

Today, as I continue my search for my niche in life I find myself drifting back to the old me.
The Broadcaster, I was once before. That has given me new ideas and excitement that has been absent for sometime now. It feels good to have bit of excitement again, although small and cautions. Which leads me to the reason for this post.

With I can see how many people have come to and the Search Engine Terms used to find me. These days most of those that find their way to this place are those searching for of words of encouragement, or for a speedy recovery, or for someone who has surgery on the horizon. I actually, have a complete list of all the searches that found their way here.
So, with that said. I give you those new here one piece of advice. And, it is simple:

And, I leave you with this. The true original Broadcaster. I actually had the chance to see him speak in at an Arizona Broadcaster’s Association While at NAU. It was a treat indeed.

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