The Mighty Ralpie!!!!!

21 Oct

I admit I am a University of Colorado Fan. Some, possibly might disagree with that comment. I am. I remember the days when you could get into the game for free after halftime. Back then the school colors were a powder blue, and yellow/gold-ish. I am sure most football player’s grew up dreaming of playing for the hometown team, or some other college team of your choice. I never grew up wanting to play for the Colorado Buffalo’s. I grew up wanting to run with the mighty Ralphie, as they still do today. The Farm where is not far from here. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have driven by Ralphie in the field off Nelson Road. I am a quiet, but loyal. Over the years, I always liked to play the antagonist amongst us. However, I am also a Colorado State Grad. So, I do rout for the Rams during the Rocky Mountain Showdown. The rest of the year I always want CU to win.

I have lived in the Deserts of Arizona, next the sea’s of Puget Sound, near the banks of the Columbia River and Gorge, the plains of Colorado to the City by the Bay. In elementary school I became a U of A fan while we lived in Arizona. During that time it was March Madness and I got to get of of school to watch a tournament game. That was all I needed. And, not to forget Watching CU and Washington State play at the then new Stadium in Seattle. I could go on, but won’t.

With all that I love CU is in the Pacific Conference, but I am a fan of the other schools as well. As Cu plays Oregon today, and Arizona in November. I will be routing for CU this weekend. And, in November.

Ether way, I will be waiting, watching for the mighty Ralphie.

I am also working on a “Gunslingers of the West” Vlog celebrating the numerous quarterbacks that have come from the Pac-12, as there are many. My favorite I would say is obvious.

So, I decided to share the University of Colorado Buffalo’s 2011 Team Intro. I Liked it.

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