Last Of The Dog Fighters

17 Oct

On Friday morning I had my youtube, a nice cup of coffee to go with and I noticed that the F1-5 Tomcat was no longer in service. I wouldn’t say that was a surprised. However, as young child of the 80’s you can’t help to feel a little saddened. I couldn’t say how many times I have used a Top Gun Reference. First off, I must say; “3/4 of a mile Mav….Call the Ball” is my most used. But, oh, so many more. So, I couldn’t resist to put together a “viog” with fond remembrance of one of the most elegant military aircraft once in service. And, I know Some might say that the Fokker DR1 Triplane, or the Flying Fortress, or P-51 Mustang, or the Bell-27 Sioux, or the U2 spy-plane, or Huey Helicopter, the Stealth Bomber and Fighters are the true Icons of Military Aircraft. But, for me it’s the F-14 Tomcat.

So, With the help of Navel personnel from USS Roosevelt I was able to get some video from the last official take off from an Aircraft carrier while in service. And, with a “in Formation” flyby, from what I gathered on youtube, and it’s comments. I also found footage of a F-14 taking down a Mig over the mediterranean back in the late 80’s. There is very little worth watching on the actual footage itself. But, the audio is worth listening to, and in the end you do get to see a bit. And, with the help of hollywood, those on the USS Roosevelt, and a F-14 DashCam I was able to put together a “remembrance?” of a aircraft that has become obsolete in today’s world. And, That is why I have become to call my little dog and pony shows as Fabrications. I don’t even have to leave the house to make one. just youtube, screenium, and Imovie ’09. I find myself ripping it apart all these different sources and putting it back together again piece by peice in a way that I try I to make sense of it and tell some kind of story, and or share a thought, or something whatever that is.

Today we have drone planes, stealth helicopters, and I am sure, Stealth Drone planes and helicopters, we just haven’t seen ’em yet. You can’t almost but think that the days of Aerial dogfighting is are thing of the past. left behind in history. Hopefully a long time from now I can visit a F-14 Tomcat with a young punk just like me, like the time I went with Benny the Show from Vantage Pointe see a vintage WWII plane.

So, without further delay….I hope you enjoy.

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