12 Oct

I have been thinking about this InnovatingInAmeica Concept.

I don’t ever think I have ever read the definition of Innovation before this. I thought I knew what the definition of Innovation was. But, since I had the time, and I was curious I went to Wikipedia, as encyclopedia’s are a thing of the past. Which is great. Anyone with a connection to the World Wide Web and a machine to use it and you can find and learn anything you want, for not much money if at all.

So, I went to Wikipedia to find out the definition of Innovation. And this is what I found. And, Wikipedia said:

The term innovation derives from the Latin word innovatus, which is the noun form of innovare “to renew or change,” stemming from in—”into” + novus—”new”. Although the term is broadly used, innovation generally refers to the creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society. Innovation differs from invention or renovation in that innovation generally signifies a substantial positive change compared to incremental changes.

So, with said. I was huge fan of “Home Improvement” because of Tim Allen’s character and his ability to turn a simple room in the house into something bizarre, and Over the top, better. I always enjoyed him taking something that really didn’t need to be improved, but did it anyway. And, watching him go too far was always fun. The Man’s Kitchen is a great example.

I also, noticed the other day Tesla has a sedan version. Which, by the way looks fantastic. This is what I call innovation. Taking the combustion engine car platform, and making it all electric. It is still a car, just maybe better? I think it is better. I saw the founder of Tesla on Letterman, on youtube and it was a great conversation on the process of innovation. From the idea, to selling it to the market. The trial and error process. A great discussion on Innovation. I’d like to have the new Tesla, but don’t think that will happen anytime soon…bummer.

Not sure what any of the means, but if falls under the “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy category.

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