Time For Another Letterman Top Ten

05 Oct

I noticed the other day when I went in search of the “Joelism’s” post for one of my “vlogs” and found one of my Top Ten’s. And, this morning I watching Fallon on Hulu and thought it would be a good time for another installment. So, on that note……

10] With the advent of hulu I have become a fallon Fan. With hulu I can watch the show from the previous night first thing in the morning. To be honest, I only started watching him because of the interview with Larry’s replacement. I liked the cut of his jib. A Decent start to my day.

9] I recently found Screenium that let’s me capture video from the internet and store, that is how I get the movie video and audio, it in my hard drive. I have pretty much have become that odd guy from the movie “American Beauty”. but, in today’s world I don’t need a huge bookshelf, just a huge hard drive now. Fortunately, I am still odd.

8] After going back in search of that “joelism” post I have looked a few others. I really don’t like going back and reading what I wrote. I haven’t spent much time going back and reading previous posts and I kinda know why now. Hindsight is alway better. I can almost see where I could have done things differently, but didn’t. It’s tough. I’m trying to put all behind me and it brings it all back. I will say, however, I go back to quite often to a few of my older videos. I like those. they show me what I have done, keeps me going.

7] I am tinkering with an idea for a TV show that highlight American Innovation. Looking at how someone’s new idea started, trial and error, the process of innovation, and etc. Kinda “Dirty Jobs’ meets “Only in American with Larry the Cable Guy”, and a slight dash of American Chopper. It’s a show I definitely would watch. I sent Brian Dietzen a quick message about the concept, and he seemed to like the concept, and he needs more info. which is true as I think about how it would really look like. I am even considering going around the old school media and create my own channel. My First episode would be Sandy MacDondald’s Science on a Sphere.

6] I have a new headshrinker. I like this new one. we seem to be on the same page. That really is the most critical element in your headshrinker.

5] Still working on this “vlog” thing. I have a New TV season concept, and a Finding Forrester motif, and another the technologies that orginated out of NASA. GPS, is a great example.

4] I continue to research the BIM direction. As it turns out there are several different direction can take from there. Many people are using the concept in many different ways. Which is good. Gives me a lot to look at and really look at the long-term outlook of the different uses. Ideally, I would not like to have my new endeavor to be obsolete in a few years.

3] I did apply at IBM a few month ago and although I didn’t get an interview. When I go back to the career’s page it say the positions was filled, but it didn’t say I was not selected. Hopefully if things continue to improve I be in a place where I really feel like I can do the job and have another opportunity if something comes up. The nice thing the BIM concept stemmed mostly from Mechanical Contractors, and the position was in facilities management. I worked for a Mechanical Contractor. So, there maybe something there. Who knows?

2] I noticed U of A is Playing in Boulder this year. I am thinking about going to the game. Way, way back when I was a U of A Fan, because of our brief move to Tucson when I was elementaryMiddle school. Good ole’ “Desert Swarm”. I am actually just happy that CU is in the PAC-12 Conference now. I have lived in Seattle, Portland, Bay Area, Arizona so to say I am a Pac-12 guy is an understatement. Big, Big-12 Fan here. Frankly, I am happy to see the Nebraska rivalry end. Time for a new one.

1] And, with the #1, I am still driving ma nuts. But, we have been getting along much better. Things overall are better. But, I am still a work in progress. I know she believes in me, but I can be tough be around at times. And, I am thankful of that. So, I leave you with a video clip. Much like him, ma probably has the same sediment.

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