26 Sep

After my first run at this “vlog” thing I went back to the the “joel-ism’s” post, On Dec.20th 2006. I noticed a comment referencing “Point Break”, thanks to Mr Bennett of Oregon. Since, I have used the skydiving sequence I went for the final scene. So, with that being said I kinda went back to the beginning of all this.

As time moves along my body hurts less, but it still hurts. I’m old and tired now, and so I tinker with my vlogging, and looking into what are my options moving forward. That being said, I have been taken an new med and it seems to have a completely different consequence. the last one made me very jittery, overly takative, it was hard on the brain. The new one has a kinda opposite effect. More on the groggy, blah end of the scale. It is kinda duecy(there is another word I’d rather use, but this seems to be just as good),but it is nice change of pace. Not knowing how much better things will get, if thing really are improving. But, there are times I really should’t be driving, which leaves my as a good buddy Topher says, “stuck between a dog and a fire Hydrant”. The reality is, I certainly would love something to do. actually get an income. Be productive.

I do have my eye on something that might give me that chance to work from home possibly, even if there are days when I just shouldn’t be driving at this time. It seems to be a nice blend of creativity and my past work experience in the construction Field. It’s is called BIM (Building Information Modeling), . From my time at CSU I met this guy, that later was the lead project manager for the Denver Art Museum here in Denver. It turns out he is in UAE. Also, AutoCad is his area of expertise. I have requested a “connection” with linkedin, but I am sure he is busy and get back to me. But, I continue to looking, but somedays it feels all I have is jello to throw up against the wall, nothing seems to be sticking. But, as things seem to improve not week-to-week, but definitely month-to-month. And, as the Doctors said, “change is good.” As long as that change/improvement continues I like the pace of things the the moment. I just need to go at my own pace. I would love the magic bullet and everything be hunky-dory, but it like I said before. if feels like it was a long way down, which only means it is a long way up. Takes time, there is just no getting around that one.

So, on my second installment; I give you “BreakingPointe”

And, for those who want to know what BIM Looks like;

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