24 Sep

I realized I have put my place in a bit of a shell as of late. I know ma wants me to get out more. I certainly understand. That being said, it has been a tough past couple of years, and overall I feel much like I did a year ago, two, three, and four. I find myself still asking the same questions, feeling same sense of what do do next? Where do I fit? So, with all that I am taking things slow. All too often I would bullrush myself into something before even knowing if I could do it, I always assumed I could. I have lost that vibe and looking to get it back. I let things get to bad for too long, and it is just going to take time to back out of this hole I have seemed to have fallen into. I feel a better sense sense of calm at the moment, and I like that. I am finding a sense of rhythm, continuity. That being said I do at some point want to have some good news to share. Something real, concrete. The name of this blog is “recoeryjoel”, and it does seem as if I am still struggling to recover. So,in hopes of one day sharing some good news I don’t want to give up now. I have been at this too long to stop now.

That being said, I have also been more or less been pondering my concept of what a “vlog” should look like. Questioning, “What is the point of a Vlog?” So, as of late I have been lost in the world of youtube. To be honest I have used it as a place to get my video’s into the internet so I could share some of my marked milestones, sitting up, my first wheelie, waterskiing, etc. Since then my video’s have more or less evolved into something more. So, I asked what do I want to accomplish?

It took sometime and after quite a bit of time in the world of youtube I stubbled upon my own definition of vlog. I see many people will get in front of the camera and yammmer on about something. If you are going to do that write it down, in my own opinion. But, that is just me. The term Blog started out as Web-logging, which was shortened to blog. I see it this way, Visual-log. So, that being said I stubbled across a video on youtube that had a computation of Sawyer’s best one-liners. Which reminded me of of a post about “Joel-isms.” and that is where it started. By the end it kinda took on a life of it’s own. I realize this is subjective. I put it together with the this in mind, “when watching this scene these are the images that are in my mind whiile watching.”. My own Poetry, in my own way….mabye? It is what it is, and I do enjoy it.

When I put this together I watched it the first time which reminded me of a few things. So, I overlaid different images that came to mind when I watched it. Hugo is a good example. During the show he brought golf tot the Island. And, when Brian Dietzen brought me a gameboy during my stay at Craig. Or, when the brother made sure his sister had her inhaler it reminded me of my family and all they have been there for me. When Kate came on board I couldn’t help but think that the things I have done in my life that easily could have turned bad, but didn’t. And, I am sure I am over thinking this but since my injury I get the sense people who don’t know me perceive me differently. Just thoughts and images that come to mind when I watched that scene.

So, without further delay, and enter at your own risk…….

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  1. Juli and John Begley

    September 24, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    “Where you fit in”? Where don’t you fit in? You are talented and capable.


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