Time has gone by

05 Apr

With all I have had going on the past six months or so I have lost contact with a lot of people. Justin was one of them. fortunately, we had the chance to hang out yesterday. And, I noticed one thing that really got my attention. As we hung out all afternoon I realized that neither of us had much to say. Not like what feels like so long ago when we had the whole world in front of us. Back then we always had something to BS about. We always had something that was new or changing. If we weren’t finding ourselves in the Mr. Cougar competition or heading off to college. And, of course the career, and sorts. However, as life has moved along and with that somethings things are behind, if not most. Justin now with his family is struggling to make sure he supports a family. And, the talk is limited to how are the kids? The wife? Job?

Myself, not sure what to do from here, or where to go. I have found myself back to the Rockin’ Yoell Lifestyle. Getting to some routine and something I can depend on has been good. But, looking forward I not sure how many of those doors that were open when we were kids are still open, or have they since closed. At some point you are merely looking for any open door, any opportunity, or chance on something good. I don’t think it is just me. I would love to get back to the days when so much was in front of us, not behind as it seems. you just can’t back. And, all you have is the doors still left open. for me? I started out in broadcasting and worked my way towards construction. At this point I am not sure I have the giddy up to start on my way towards a new career of some kind. So, I am just planning on finding a retail position at the mall across 36 when I get back to Broomfield. Keep it simple.

I don’t know why this was on my mind. But, I suspect somewhere deep in my twisted mind I would just love to get back to the days when it was me, The Blue Lagoon, or Pepe`and all my friends I have lost contact with and nothing was stopping me. Best I figure, the real world is not nearly as cool as I thought it would be. But, I am here and have a few doors left open. I am just not sure which doors are the open, and which are closed. However, this time I am in no rush and maybe let life happen for a while. Because, sometimes the best things you find in life come up on you like a big surprise.

So, world…..surprise me.


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2 responses to “Time has gone by

  1. mb

    April 6, 2011 at 12:49 am

    keep it simple. That is a good goal…
    and smile!

  2. Juli and John Begley

    April 22, 2011 at 3:27 am

    Go back to school. Learn. Visit with a career counselor and test for what positions would be good for you at your current age and ability. It’s never too late to start a career. I went to nursing school at 44. Wasn’t easy but things worthwhile usually aren’t.
    Stay focused and positive.


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