31 Mar

So often in life we are faced with what most would call a choice. I am not saying we don’t have choices in life. I have wondered about the thought of choice. I bring this up because maybe two month ago I was faced with what most would call a choice, but at the time I wouldn’t say if felt like a choice. Before Dallal came for her visit I was at home, still unsure and far from confident that if she would come for a visit that I would fun to be around. And, I wasn’t sure I was ready to lose someone again because of this injury and the pain that came with it. It wasn’t the chair that was any of my concern. I just have to associate my true disability with the wheelchair, as the spinal cord injury is causing the pain and discomfort that holds me back.

So, when we talked if she should come here to Colorado. In one moment I had to say yes, or no. It wasn’t a choice. it was at best a best guess. I took a chance, as she did, that it would work out. Fortunately, however my reluctance and fear was proved wrong, but I got lucky. I had some good days, great days, and of course crappy days. In the end, it was some of the best days I have had since my injury four years ago. In the end I guess I just let go and let life happen. So, my choice was right. But, in my mind it wasn’t a choice. I merely just let life run the show. Because, sometimes this life we are giving are out of our control and when that happens the concept of choice evolves into nothing more than a WAG (Wild Ass Guess). But, that is just me.


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2 responses to “WAG

  1. Dallal

    March 31, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    I was watching TV last night with my parents and one man said to the other “How did you know Mrs Barnaby was ‘the one’?”.
    The other answered “Because she told me”.

    Sometimes you just got to trust in a woman’s intuition and just go where the crazy bitch takes you x

  2. Jess

    April 24, 2011 at 9:21 am

    I really like this post. WAG more bark less!!


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