Staples Are Out

25 Feb

I finally, got my stitches out on Wednesday. Which is nice as I don’t have to worry about keeping it bandaged and covering it for showers. From what I understand there something like 50 staples and a few old school stitches. As for the important part of the surgery today is better than a couple of days ago. So, maybe it is improving, as a very slow rate if it is. or just a good day. Hard to say. And, on a nice note. I am regain feeling on my back from when I had my rods taken out, but this would be the area above the injury. Nonetheless, it feels good to better getting it back. I took a shower last night and felt the the heat of the water on a place I hadn’t felt since ’08. It was a good feeling. Beyond that not much. My last tenant moved out, but I have a better one now. I doing some work to clean some edges and she moves in next week.

Other than that, one day at a time.

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