Chit-Chat, Coffee Beans, and a Rockin’ Yoell Lifestyle

14 Jan

This past week I got some further information on my surgery that has become very close. I have some pre-op work to be done on the 24th, 9am sharp. And, I check in for the surgery at 4pm Monday the 31st. I was also down there for a study on some new catheters and forewarned those there that i would be coming back and to be prepared. I realize I am quite the bit to handle. In speaking with a few that has seen the procedure and knows about it, and has seen many come thru Craig and things have worked out well.

So, it feels like a light might be flickering ahead of me. I’m hoping it is moving fast in my direction. The only fear is that it is another on-coming train. I joke, I can’t imagine things won’t improve, but the question is, “how much will it improve?” So, I grind on living my Light Chit-Chat, coffee beans, and Rockin’ Yoell lifestyle. Please refer to the “Routine” post for a better understanding of the lifestyle.

I can’t help but only laugh at my routine. It is unfortunate it is where it is, but here in the near future I hope to share good news and good stories. Till then I have my coffee waiting on the table next to my spot. And, a amile, sorta, of another day doing the thing I need to do, and a few things I can do. It is certainly nothing like that other lifestyle, but it does have it’s benefits. I don’t have my excessive need for brown M&M’s, but coffee is waiting. Fortunately, I don’t need to stipulate it my contract. So, I have that going for me.

So, the days move on and although it is starting to feel real. It still feels so far way. But, until then, I will survive. And, I won’t hide it. Hopeful things will go well, and I will be so excited, I just won’t be able to hide it.

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