Sailing Away

07 Jan

Recently, I ran into someone that had a Radio Controlled sail boat. I have begun to work on it, hoping to get up and running. From what I understand it has been in storage for an number of years. And, it is perfect project for me. I”started rigging the boat and doing research on how to set up. I wouldn’t say the info is solid, but there is enough to get most it built. But, as I have started to understand how you rig the sails and mast I have found the “bouse” is damaged and not sure how to fix has it has numerous rigging lines running thru it. So, for the moment I am at a stand still with that till I figure out out to fix the piece. I have researched a replacement. Or, I get t use my new Dremel, that I got for Xmas. At this point I am not sure. But, once I know more I will let you know. Even with that there is some work to get it done. But, I am sure it something I can get done.

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Posted by on January 7, 2011 in Previous Posts


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