Hoping for a Better 2011

09 Nov

Without saying too much at this point it has been a very difficult year. As my ma said this morning this year was nearly as difficult as my first. From my view point worse. But, that being said that is some hope for a better 2011. As the pain level has gotten worse over the years I was able to adapt. But, by the summer it was too much. At this point I have exhausted all methods of pain relief. So, I am getting a surgery that is called a de-tethering procedure.

It is not something I am looking forward too, but I am hopeful I will reduce some of my pain. As, it has gotten worse and worse over the years. The bad news it is scheduled for February 1st. So, I guess I am hopefully I will get a nice birthday gift and I can get back to my life. As, I have been home bound much more lately and have become relanent on ma. But, we will get through this. We have the holiday’s to help get through this period. I am still writing from time to time as well. I have picked up a new hobby or two. So, I will be just fine. I have a great 2011 ahead of me.

Until then I am going to the Iowa State Vs Colorado Game on Saturday. I am sure tickets will be easy to come by. I am going with Average Joe. I haven’t seen him since his wedding and looking forward to seeing him again. And, being it is also Hawkin’s last game I am hoping to see Coach Mac back on the sidelines next season. As, I remember when I was much younger I went to CU football camp. It was back in the days when they were a dominate force. I even at one point had a t-shirt signed by pretty much every player from the time when they won the National Championship. I wish I had it today. But, I am hoping for Coach Mac.

There is a lot more I could share, but for the moment this is enough. I also added a couple of post that never quite got published.

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