It’s Gotten Short

12 Sep
    This was my last life list:

1) Get a job. – Not yet. But, have tried.
2) Attack Moab on my Lasher.
3) Go to Washington DC, to see all the wonderful sites
4) Drive up the West Coast. from San Diego to Washington
5) Get a one-off mountain bike – Tired it and was hard on my chest. Not sure about this one now
6) Get a shelf in my closet lowered.
7) Travel abroad, really anywhere is just fine.
9) Read more books, I find it hard to read and concentrate with my nerve pain.
10) Go camping, this is still from version 1.0.
11) Skydive, again, from version 1.0.

I am down to a few things left since the original version. Any Suggestions?

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One response to “It’s Gotten Short

  1. Juli and John Begley

    September 12, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Write in your journal more often.

    Keep your friends close.

    Find things that make Joel feel good.

    Get a hobby.


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