08 Sep

It has been a while since I have written. I have been writing on my own, offline as they call it. For me as of late is seems like I a have a success in the day, but a challenge too. I finally decided to sell my old mountain bike. I had it at Justin’s, but I need the money right now. The good news I had it sold over the weekend at Watson’s Birthday Party. The bad, Justin’s dad had prostate cancer, but from what I understand he is doing fine and still has his big goofy smile. We all have seen the news of the fire here in Boulder County. The obvious bad news is that so many have lost their homes. I remember when we lived up in the foothills and the forest fires. It is definitely a scary situation. But, I took a photo from the rocks behind ma’s house and sent into the local channel 4 news. It was actually shown on the 10 O’clock news that night. Kinda cool. Kinda like that time I was in the AP story back soon after my accident. Or, when I was interviewed about some wedding in Texas. I am slowly getting my 15 minutes of fame. One, moment at a time. Of course, I sold the bike to a friend of Watson’s. He, like Watson are firefighters. So, I guess he will have a very cool Epic bike waiting for him after he finishes putting out that scary firefighter.

But, too day it was all good. A huge win for me today. I have had a Colorado Tax bill hanging over my head over the past year or so. I finally, took the time to find out why, and I also had some questions. And, wouldn’t you believe it. It looks like won’t have to pay it. A huge relief for me. One less thing to worry about. I have to get some documents together and I should be able to eliminate the Tax bill. Who says you can’t beat the tax man.

So, hopefully things are looking up. I have attached the photo that went up on the news.


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  1. jennifer bishop

    September 10, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    Thanks for writing Joel, you continue to inspire me!!! I can’t imagine what you go through each and every day!!! Sending all my love, we would love to get together sometime…here or there makes no difference, what ever you want. I converted to mac and lost some phone numbers….yours…..can I get it??
    Blessings always sweet Joel!

  2. Beth Hansen

    September 12, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Awesome pic Joel. Cool and creepy at the same time. Sorry I missed a Colorado visit this year.


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