28 Jan

As we all know THE movie of the summer is Avatar. It is an amazing ride full everything. I really enjoyed it. I was a wonderful movie. I will say the are a couple of parts of the movie I found interesting and well, kinda cool. For those t that don’t know the main character is a SCI. And, events that were apart of that story was very cool to me.

For example, At the beginning when the main character was first inside the avatar. He got up, ran out, and headed for the forest. At one point he digs his toes into the dirt. He was running from his chair in this sequence. It was a great depicting. I can only imagine what that would feel like. It was nice to see that. The movie really did a good job in depicting some of the subtle things about the injury. I can only dream of a day I can out and put my feet back in the dirt. It was a just a good movie and the character with a SCI and how that fits into the movie is really cool for me.

Just a few odd thoughts.


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