26 Jan

It was this past Sunday I heard the news that my good friend Kate Kimberly was involved in a skiing accident is and not doing well. First off, I was pretty much devastated by the news. I know I Kate and I know she is in a place she would never want in a million years. I have spent time with her and I can see her struggling with all of her injuries. She has what you would call a laundry list of health issues. She has a broken Clavical, lost kidney, broken leg, serious internal bleeding, broken ribs, and a few other issues I don’t know about.

When I spend time with her I don’t know what to say and am quiet pretty much all the time. It is hard for me to comprehend what she is going thru. It is hard on me because I feel so useless and can’t do a thing. I figure all I can do is just be there.

But, good news. I was down visiting Kate today. She is very responsive and back to her old hard-headed ways. She is struggling, but she will be back to her old ways. She does have a long road of recovery. The good news is that she will be fine. It was really good to see her responsive and doing so well. It was only a week ago she was heavily sedated, now she is doing very well.

She does have surgery on Wednesday to fix her broken Clavicle. She will also need to address her broken leg in the future. But, she is doing well. And, now that she is responsive I would encourage anyone to go and visit her at St. Anthony’s in Denver. She would love the company. She is on level 2 in the TICU.

Not long ago Kate and I were talking and we were hoping for a fantastic new decade. Thus far, it has not looking good. but, It is a marathon and not a sprint. So, we still have lots of hope for a new and hopeful new decade. It is only up from here, haha.

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