Getting my Buzz on

21 May

Ok, I always do like a nice buzz. However, I am not referencing the buzz of a Rio Margarita, or a nice Sawtooth. I am talking about something more. Like I have said before, sometimes you need to do something of action in hopes of change. So, with thought I decided to do something to help me get past a hump in the road. I buzzed cut my hair for the summer. I did this, because I was stuck in a rut after my surgery. And, it worked. I feel so much better with out the rather nasty scare-doo. It wasn’t pretty. I feel so much better. With the heat I am better able to cool down in the summer heat. I am so glad I did it. That little and pretty much insignificant change has changed my mind set. I don’t know why, but that little change in handling the heat gives me the little extra energy to be productive.

I have come to realize something as of late. Albeit, I know I have mention before that I don’t write as of late as much as I want. I have come to a conclusion as to why. That reason is, that early on this blog as been a wonderful way to deal with my injury and the challenges I have. I am able to talk about those things that I struggle with. This blog has been a tremendous way to help me talk about challenges and let it out. However, when I have good things and successes in life I don’t share as I would like. When I have success I don’t need to let it out. I don’t need the therapeutic process of writing. Which is a bummer, because you don’t always get to hear the good things going on. All of you have been so supportive of me this past two years, and you should hear about my successes. Which is too bad. So, on that note. Here is some good news.

Ok, I had my rods removed a month ago and this week I have come out of hibernation. I did go handcycling this week from my place in Broomfield. On Wednesday, I did go hiking with a friend. Both activities I took it easy, as not to make more problems with my body. It was nice and slow. Now that I am getting better I am going to, again, start looking for a job. I am thinking about finding a job for a company that is working near me, because where I live there is a lot of construction going to start here soon. And, working very close to where I live would be awesome. Other things on horizon, are waterskiing, again. As much handcycling and hiking as possible. This weekend, I am planning to join Justin for a simple camping trip at a lake in Northern Colorado. Hopefully, enjoy the summer and find work starting this fall. Keep your fingers crossed.

Other than that, life is moving very fast. It is June almost already. Where does time go?


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2 responses to “Getting my Buzz on

  1. Will

    June 2, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Solidarity Joel,

    I just buzzed my hair yesterday, and it feels great. Hope the camping trip was good, and the rest of the summer follows suit.

  2. recoveryjoel

    June 3, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    It feel pretty fantastic to get the hair buzzed of. Such a free feeling. Ahh. So nice.


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