Finding the Current

08 Feb

In the last week I have talked to a couple of friends that have hit only the good times. Lately, I have used a river a analogy to life. Sometimes you find a eddie current, sometimes you find that current takes you for miles without effort. Sometimes you find rapids. Sometimes you find rocks. Sometimes you find whirlpools. Life is no different. We all find times when all is going your way, and we do find rocks and eddie currents. So, going back my friends have found that right current that takes you way down river. It was awesome to hear that two good friends, that seemed to have found a eddie current or whirlpool this past year, now is in a nice little smooth current. Actually, it gave me some extra giddy up and happiness. For, me right now I am on the outside of a whirlpool, and I know I am weeks from finding the right current. I am close. I have a home. I have my sports. I have my friends. The only thing I am missing from being in the middle of that current that is nice and smooth is employment. Well, that is not far away. I had a interview with a company that does building automation and they seem very interested. I have not been offered a position, but I and confident they will. Talking with them I feel that they want me on their team, but they don’t know where to put me. During the interview all we talked about is where I would fit best. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope I am on the verge of finding the right current that gives me a nice smooth ride for as long as possible.

Other than that, I turned 32 last week. I had a nice day. I went on a hike. Finished my tattoo. So, no complaints from me.

Have a good week all!!!

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