The Start of a New Horizon!!!!

30 Jan

This past week some big news came out about the first FDA study for the treatment of spinal cord injury. I had been watching to see if this study ends up getting approved, and it did. I am excited to see that it ended up getting approved. It is a controversial study. It is because it is a embryonic stem cell study. For those that are curious as to what this study is trying to achieve I will give you a quick version. Basically, they are taken embryonic cells and manipulating them into a new cells that will repair the myelin sheathing around the nerves. Potential paitents need to be less than two weeks from the injury and need to be between T4 and T10. It is similar to when you damage a extension cord and is is pinched. That pinch needs to be fixed by repairing the plastic covering of the wire, so it no longer has a short. I am not sure how successful it will be, but I am really hopefully is proves to be successful. I say that because with the success of this trial it will hopefully create additional awareness and research dollars. This study is a big step. Hopefully it is the start of many more trials.

For me, I have two thoughts about what I have read about this study. First, the parameters are a injury level from T3 to T10. This caught my attention because I fit in that parameter. It was always my thought I would be a good candidate for future studies. Second, I noticed how much coverage it got. That is a a good thing because the more attention spinal cord injury gets, the better.

So, I am very excited about the future of spinal cord injury. And, this trial is the start of the much more to come. Until then I am living life and enjoying it. I am playing my sports. I am looking for employment. I am loving my new place. I am constantly trying to find a place to volunteer. Suprisinly, I have not been that successful. But, I will find something. Well, it is Friday night. So, I must go and have some fun.

And lastly, Go Cardinals. I am routing for AZ this weekend.

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