Little Tucker

20 Oct

Kids are always fun. The un-blemished life they see. Full of play and simplicity. Since my accident I have been really frustrated by how nervous Jamisyen and Tucker have been with me. I always blamed it on the chair. That is probably not the case, but that is what I have blamed it on. But, I don’t really think the cause is important. I just wanted them to not be scared of me. I wanted them to “like” me, or at least be comfortable with me. I was almost at a giving up point, when it all changed.

Justin and I don’t always get to hangout at much as we would like, but I went over to his house to watch a little football. Which is always a nice Sunday schedule. So, I showed up, and Tucker from the beginning he has totally comfortable with me. Which really took me back. he had never done anything like that. So, as I spend time there we really have a good time. He wasn’t nervous of me at all. I got to throw him around and play games with him. I can’t tell you how good that was to have him comfortable with him.

So, I went home feeling good. I hope that can happen more and more. I also think with this development I will spend more Sunday’s at Justin’s. Sorry, buddy.

I have a lot more. I know I need to write more. All the time I have new things to write about. Nonetheless, I will continue this as long as people are reading.

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