Casa Bonita

08 Sep

OK, I unfortunately learned the hard way you can never go back. I had the pleasure, ??????, of going to a Denver must-do. I went to Casa Bonita with Clay Danielson and his wife, Renee, to the wonderful place. However, I did not remember that the food at this place is really poor. It is a great place as a child, but all grown up is a different story. Well, all I got was the feeling of really bad food. I definitely had a upset stomach. It was not fun. but, I am glad I went. Now, I don’t ever have to go again. But, I am sure I will drag my bro and his family there just to see him reap the benefits of the food. So, the point of the story is; there is a reason to go to Casa Bonita and food is not that reason.

Just to give you a understanding of this great place I am giving you a clip from South Park.


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2 responses to “Casa Bonita

  1. Renee

    September 9, 2008 at 9:23 am

    LOL… I looked for the South Park episode when I got back to Tucson and found the same clip. Too funny. I feel bad that you guys all got sick… I stuck to eating the chicken tacos and felt fine. Definitely an experience.

    Like Cartman says, when asked if it was worth it,… “Totally”.

  2. Clay

    September 9, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    All I can say is you’re a good sport. I am definitely in the same camp as you – no more Casa Bonita. At least we had a good experience at the Rio. Good seeing you buddy.


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