23 Aug

I have been super busy lately, as I have said. I just wanted to share a photo I took on Friday at the Pepsi Center.


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2 responses to “DNC

  1. matt

    August 25, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Nice pis bro!!! At work it only takes about 10-15 per pic, no joking, but there were good. That rockin chair looks like a lot of fun!!! We’ll have to sit down and put our construction heads together on how to make it as bad ass as possible, a little chrome and flames never hurt anybody!!
    Glad your stayin busy, gettin a place. It was weird for me finally having a ‘real’ address once i bought my house, it amazed me how quickly i become a home-body messing with stuff around the house, but its been fun.
    Got some news for ya…. I am putting together a baja 1000 class 11 VW bug to race in 09′. Its basically a stock classic VW that has to handle the longest desert race in the world…. so I am going to eventually look for sponsors and a cause. Racing a VW is as hippy as this man can get!!! so as this progresses i’ll need your assistance buddy.
    I hope the DNC is over soon as this many commies this close to home makes me uneasy, but have fun it should be a pretty awesome experience for you!!
    take er easy,

  2. Beth

    August 28, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    I have to say I’m pretty jealous you’re at the DNC. The “commies” have been making me tear up all week. So passionate and committed to this country and to human beings in general. I am overwhelmed by the energy and eager to see what will happen next. I can only hope that this year every vote is truly counted (ya know, in this old DEMOCRACY of ours) and that people feel that are truly represented this time out.

    It was great to see you this summer. I’m glad things are moving ahead for you. And because I can’t help myself–I hope you are STRETCHING!!!
    🙂 B


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