Freakin’ Tired

20 Aug

Holy cow, When it rains it pours. I have been so freaking busy. I am in the middle of helping out with the DNC this week. As it turns out, I am also buying a condo, so that answers a previous post. And, on top of that I am getting massages. I guess I cannot complain about that. But, it is one of many things on the plate right now. So, I am up early, well relatively, and doing both the DNC and the leg work for this place. I have been driving down to Denver nearly everyday. So, I have been putting a huge amount of miles on good ole’ Rosalita. It feels great to stay busy, but by the of the day I am super beat. I don’t have enough time to go riding. Hit the hiking trails, or anything. I am barely home anymore. I have no doubt that is a good thing, but dang, I am not used to staying so busy. I guess I am writing to say that things are good. I am having fun, and working hard. I guess that is all we can ask for.

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Posted by on August 20, 2008 in Previous Posts


One response to “Freakin’ Tired

  1. Renee

    August 25, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    I’ve missed out on some your previous posts… what are you doing at the DNC?
    Did Clay tell you that we are heading up to Denver the first week in September? Hopefully we will get a chance to see you.



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