What I really want now…..

06 Aug

In the last month I have noticed that when it comes to the hope of getting “fixed” sometime in the future that walking is not even most important to me. I have had a few conversation lately about this. The reality is that when it comes to modern science I just hope to get rid of my nerve pain. I would also like some bowel and bladder control. The point is that what I want most in life is not walking again. I know it was a year ago that I that is what I wanted most. but, as I get more and more comfortable with myself, and how I am, I really just want to regain some different function. I would be happy with just some return. I must also admit that I do want to walk again. I would love to get rid of my chair, but I am come to a point that I would be greatly happy with some additional function. Walking would be just the icing on the cake. Until then, I am dealing with the nerve pain and trying hard to live life as best as possible. I feel like I am doing that.

Other than that, mom is away. It is nice to have some separation from her. It is good for the both of us.

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One response to “What I really want now…..

  1. Juli and John

    August 11, 2008 at 5:27 am

    Joel, I have taken care of two paraplegics lately. One area of greatest importance is to take care of yourself. Watch any areas on your behind… and drink plenty of water (not mixed in beer) to help with your kidney and bowel function. Also, watch out on your transfers. One pt. I took care of had a severe case of osteomyelitis because of a small sore on his ankle that he did not take care of and it infected the bone. In short, take care of the “small” things and work on prevention. Hopefully the bowel and bladder control will be addressed sometime in the near future. You are the BEST!!!!


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