06 Aug

Ok, it has been really hot here over the past month. Yesterday afternoon the rain came down. The rain was awesome. I was at home and I had this urge to get out in the rain and feel the weather come down on my head. I love being out in the weather. I love the rain, snow, wind, and heat. For some reason it makes me feel alive for some reason. I just couldn’t resist the my urge to get out. It reminded me of this time in AZ. I was with Erika and we had come out of a movie and the rain was coming down. Instead of rushing right home we proceeded to run out in the rain and puddles. It was this pure and innocent experience. I loved and will always remember as we jumped in puddles and feel the rain come down on my face. I had this big dumb smile on my face. The only thing in my world was that moment. Pure joy. I had a woman I loved, and the pure innocents of the moment. So, I so wanted to get out and feel the elements on my face. I got in my new chair and rolled in the rain. The feeling of the rain on my face was a moment of freedom. I felt alive. I felt good. It was moment of what was, and was in now. Of course, I got super muddy and dirty. But, it was totally worth it. I don’t know why I love the rain on my face, but I do. I guess we have out things that allow us to feel alive. The rain is what does it for me. What makes you feel alive? I am slowly starting to find those things again that makes me feel alive and full of life. Living is a set of small experiences that allows us to forget all our challenges in life. We can just be……

Well, do what makes you feel alive. I get out in the rain!!!!

have a good day. Enjoy it.

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One response to “Dirty

  1. Ben Lenth

    August 11, 2008 at 11:05 am

    Joel! I´m with you in the rain. I live in a little town in Mexico with my wife, Buffy, and it´s hot enough down here that the rain isn´t cold, and you don´t get cold, even when you get soaked. So like you I enjoy the rain often. We often swim in a reservoir here, and on a hot day, the cool water is priceless. Floating there, cooling down, watching the clouds floating overhead….. ahhh yes, that is living. Those simple moments without worries…

    Until now I had no idea what you´re last two years have been like since I last ran into you in Ft. Collins. Reading your blog, I´m impressed by your positive attitude. That´s so important, and so valuable!

    All best wishes to you, and a cool rain fallin´!


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