Rockin New Chair

01 Aug

Well, I finally got this new “rockin” chair this past week. It is designed to go into all-terrain areas. I have ridden it quite a bit. I am very happy I got it.

Also, I am thinking of a name for me new chair. Just as I named my Honda, I am thinking of naming my kickin chair. So, suggestions are required.

And, lastly. It is obvious that the coloring in the video is off. Well, I took it in to have it looked at yesterday. The bad news is, it is broke. The good news is it under warranty still. So, it is now in the “shop”

So, without further delay.


Posted by on August 1, 2008 in Previous Posts


2 responses to “Rockin New Chair

  1. Peter Scanlon

    August 1, 2008 at 11:01 am



    “The Jeep”

    Personally, I think you look cuter in the pink Huffy model with handlebar streamers and a playing card in the spokes, but that’s just me.


  2. Clay

    August 1, 2008 at 11:18 am

    Your mom used to say the exact same thing back in the Crestview days (pre pavement) when we used to race our Big Wheels down our driveways, “I’m not watching and I’m not taking you guys to the hospital” – you have to love moms….


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