Vegas Baby!!!!!!!

24 Jun

I know what you are thinking. However, I am not actually talking about going to Vegas. I have been to Vegas before, but I have been there before. And, those times were enough. What I am talking about the show. Over the last, mmmmmm, four months I have been addicted to the show Las Vegas on TNT. The show in in reruns and is on every morning. Sadly, over the last four months I have been addicted to the show. The show runs in order, which nice. But, I have now officially seen just about every episode in reruns. I must admit I am bummed about it all. But, I no longer have an excuse to hangout at home. I have seen ’em all. I guess i needed the show as I slowly move forward in life. It was a great distraction. But, like most things in life… All good things come to an end. Now, I guess I can get going earlier during the day. It feels like a double edge sword. I kinda looked forward to what would happen in the show, but it took up an hour of my time. It is kinda a false peak in my journey. I now have summitted this show, now it is time to find a new summit. I guess this whole journey is more about the false peaks, and not the final peak. It is getting to the top as many peaks as possible. And, not getting to the top. It is the journey We all are living the journey. It is just different for everyone. I am on mine, and I am slowly learning the pleasure of journey.

I guess that is all I have.


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One response to “Vegas Baby!!!!!!!

  1. Peter Scanlon

    June 26, 2008 at 12:29 am

    Las Vegas?


    Why don’t you just watch Desperate Housewives, huh, princess?

    I hear The Hills is great, too. Right up your alley.

    Maybe The Bachelorette?

    Nothing but love for you, baby!



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