19 Jun

Every so often something new happens. The other day some new did happen. I woke up to a sunny day. I felt something that I am not sure I have felt in sometime. I woke up and I was excited about my day. I was ready to get up and get things done. I had this feeling like I wanted to conquer the day. I had a couple of meetings for my company and I was so excited to go to them. It felt as life was moving forward. I felt as life had a direction and a reason to get out of bed. It was a awesome feeling. Yea, I had nasty nerve pain, but it wasn’t going to slow me down.

I had a meeting with Vocation Rehab. I had a meeting with a lawyer to set up my company correctly. I Rolled over my 401K. I went to the library to research how to develop a business plan. I had to deal with a phone issue. I also, tracked down the owner of this great property in Boulder. I was going to try and develop it myself, but I was too late. But, that didn’t matter. I made the attempt. I learned some new things. I made a great contact for the future. I, also, cleaned my room. I do believe that I was beyond tired, and that good tired. What a great feeling. Of course, I was worthless the next day. The previous day took so much out of me. but, that happens. And, it was totally worth it.

Other than that. Things are as always up and down. I have my strong days and my weak days. I am just working to get my business setup and running although, it is moving slow. It will come. I just need to stay hopeful it will work out.

Well, life as we know moves on. Just enjoy the ride.


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3 responses to “What….7am?

  1. mel

    June 21, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    your da man. Yoel, nice to see you posting agian on a regular basis. next time in AZ give me a heads up. i went to the tilted kilt a week or so ago, and i think it might be a nice place to grab a brew with a very good friend like yourself. mel

  2. Juli and John

    June 22, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    Being productive is the basis for happiness. Keep up the great job. Keep on moving forward. You will (no doubt) be very successful in anything you choose.

  3. Joel Yates

    June 23, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Mel, I am glad you are happy I am getting back into writing. I am here for you, just like you were there for me at NAU, sorry I had to bust that out. I won’t be in AZ anytime soon, as it is too damn hot. But, I am sure I will be there next winter.



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