02 Jun

I have had this feeling for sometime now. I do have a sense of loneliness. I realize I have a lot of people around me that care for me. But, I know what I don’t have. Before I used to have roommates and work that would keep me busy. Now, I really don’t have a “job” to go to everyday. I don’t have roommates that is in a similar place than me. I know I have ma as a “roommate”, but it is just not the same dynamic as a roommate that is similar in age and place. Most of my friends here have there own life and responsibilities. That doesn’t bother me. I understand that. I am living life, I just get the sense I don’t have a group of friends like I have had before. I spend most of my time on my own. I ride alone. I am working to go into business alone. I spend most nights alone in my room. It at times is hard for me as I am a very social person. I suppose that many people understand what I am saying. We as humans strive for companionship. We all drift towards people that we can count on. We all need people around us. It is not to say I don’t have friends I can count on, but they are busy with there lives. I know Justin is there for me, but he does have two children and a wife. I am sure that is a lot of time for him. I just am saying I am missing the companionship of friends and so forth.

On a good note, I am slowly working toward starting my own business. I am meeting with people and trying to find a business plan. It will be slow going. But, I am working towards that everyday. i am not giving up.

Have a good day…

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