01 Jun

I recently got an email from a long time buddy. He has been following this blog. He made a comment that I have been thinking about. He said that I should rename this blog to just “Joel”. He followed up his thought by saying I am doing more things than him. It was a good thought. I kinda considered it, but I decided to keep the name. and here is why. I thought back to the progress I seem to be making. I am doing good things and moving forward. I do have goals and dreams now. But, here is my thought on that. I feel like I am still recovering. I still am working to get back. It is like a construction project. It may look done, but there is still a lot of details that need to be addressed. So, I am not quite there. I did appreciate the comment. It felt good to see that someone no longer feels I am no longer recovering. But, I still have more work to do. And that is ok, it takes time.

Other than that mom was gone today so I had the house to myself. I cleaned my car. I cleaned my room. I was productive. It feels like a typical Sunday. Right on.

Have a good week!!!!

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One response to ““Joel”

  1. mb

    June 2, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    Typical Sundays are a good thing, though your Mom shouldn’t need to be gone to be productive! We are all a “work in progress” Recovery Joel works just fine!


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