Stubborn A-hole

27 May

It was not long ago I was described as stubborn. At first I was not sure how to take that comment. But, after thinking about I took it as a complement. I realized that someone who is in a chair pretty much has to be stubborn. When you are in a chair many day to day things are more difficult, obviously. But, if you don’t have some degree of stubbornness, or develop it, you will end up giving up on a lot of good things in your life. Or, even worse if you don’t gain some level of stubbornness you will be treated like a child amongst by many of the people around you. You really need that sense I can do, and no I don’t need your help. And, nothing will change my mind. In retrospect, I don’t think anyone can be successful without a bit of stubbornness. So, thanks. I appreciate the person that called me stubborn, that means a lot.

Let me also tell you about some recent things that are really good. It was a year ago iI got a handcycle that many people helped me get. Unfortunately, it was on the small side. The handcycle was really not the right for me. And, recently I traded my handcycle, that was too small, for a handcycle that is just right. I am actually really excited about the new bike. I hope to ride it so I can in better shape. If those around see me out riding, please don’t run me over, haha.

Second, I did get the grant for the basketball wheelchair. It was ordered not too long ago, so i expect to get it sometime in the middle of the summer. I was this past weekend a little get together for get together for local basketball players. That really got me excited for the upcoming basketball season.

I also somehow got myself finagled into volunteering for the Boulder Bolder. I had to get up at freaking 4:30am. I haven’t been up that early since the day I left Craig over a year ago, amazing how time flies. I am glad I did it. It felt great to get out and do something. I hope to do more volunteering. For what ever reason it feels good. It is hard to get started, but well worth it once you get up and start doing it.

Lastly, It has been cold here the last couple of days. I have really been catching up on some sleep the last couple of days. It has been nice.

But, I hear the weather is going to be nice on Wednesday, which means I can get back on the handcycle. I could use some heavy breathing, ha ha.

Have a good hump day.


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2 responses to “Stubborn A-hole

  1. T

    May 28, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    Joel, its good to hear your writing. I know how it goes when you’ve got a routine and not a lot changes day to day or week to week. The last time I had to get up at 4:30am was last August when we had to get to our plane from Belfast to Rome. If someone has a better way of doing something, do you take their suggestion, or keep doing it your way?

  2. recoveryjoel

    May 30, 2008 at 11:17 am

    I try to take suggestions. I am more talking about those that treat me like I can’t take of myself.


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