My Guru

13 Mar

The past couple of days I hadn’t been in a good mood. My body wasn’t giving me the energy I needed. On top of that my nerve pain decided to go into overdrive. Which, always puts me in a bad mood. I did get up in the standing frame and it wasn’t long before I felt dizzy. I tried to workout, but I couldn’t focus in. So, I spent way too long in bed. I did play rugby last night. I wouldn’t say it was the ticket, but it certainly helped the cause. I suppose I should get to the point. I talked to my good friend in AZ yesterday. Not like I needed a pick me up from her. As, she has a issue on her hip that is requiring her to stay down. But, since I have met her I have had the tendency to go to her for advice and support. I did give her a call and she was a big help. She always has great thoughts and advice. I won’t know what to do if I didn’t have her. So, I went to bed and got up this morning and I am feeling better. The nerve pain is still in overdrive, but I feel better. And, I did get up in the standing frame this morning which is healthy for me. So, hopefully the mood in back in an upswing.

Well, other than that there is a rugby tourney this weekend. So, I will probably spending a bit of time in Denver this weekend. It is a great way for me to stay busy.

Have a good weekend.


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