09 Mar

On Saturday, I attended a paralympic event in Boulder. There were a few paralymic athletes there. I had the opportunity to meet with other individuals in chairs. Which nice because, at the moment I don’t know a lot. Interacting with others is good for me, as it allows me to feel less disabled for at least a while. I got a lot of good information and met some new people in chairs, which is a good thing. It was just a nice day of hanging with other people and having a good time. Actually, when if I get a grant, I applied for, and I get my chair I have been offered to play basketball with the women’s team. I don’t have any shame in my game, so I am sure I will do so. I am also still working with someone that hopefully many know someone that may have a extra road racing chair. Boulder Bolder this year may not happen, but hopefully next.

Sunday, was definately a down day. I dropped mom off at the airport and I came home and took a nap. Then took a shower, then napped. Got up and messed around on the computer, and took a nap. So, I was up late last night.
My nerve pain was a little worse than usual, so that also slowed me down. I wasn’t emotionally down or anything like that. I actually enjoyed a lazy Sunday. I can’t imagine the last time I had a lazy day and I was feeling pretty good at the same time. As I think about it; it is a good feeling. Actually, as I write this I realized that I seem to be indicating that I am have been in a good mood mood a lot more. Maybe, I am really starting to find my place in life. Maybe, and just maybe, things will be ok. Probably, for everyone reading this it was known that I would find my place. For me, there was a time I didn’t know I was going to get to a place I could be happy. I guess that is why I got the tattoo I got. The sun keeps coming up and things get keeps getting better.

Well, with mom gone I have the sense I will be home more. I can study at home and it’s quiet. Anyway, it’s Monday and life goes on. I will be studying, or at least trying, working out, playing rugby, searching out grants for equipment, napping, and wondering what work is.

Have a great week everyone.


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2 responses to “Paralymics

  1. matt

    March 10, 2008 at 6:47 am

    Playing for th other team huh?? Hopefully that just means the womans basketball team!! It would be awesome if you got a hold of an extra road chair, I am sure that kind of specialized equip. makes a huge difference.
    Hope it’s a prosperous week for ya!
    Ohh and Keep studying buddy, the GMAT wont pass itself!!
    Peace out

  2. jess

    March 10, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    Stretch your arms out way- way- way- out try and reach the walls with your fingertips.

    OK, now wrap your arms around yourself.

    That is a big hug from your niece and me.

    Lets go to London in 2012!!


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