The ups and downs

07 Mar

I have noticed that life seems to a constant up-swing or a down-swing. Last weekend, I was on a up-swing. I had a lot going on. I was busy and was more than happy to stay busy. But, unfortunately, I woke up Monday, and didn’t have a lot to do. And to add to that my body wasn’t giving me the energy I needed. So, I was dragging a bit. It was a couple of days I didn’t have the “get-up” in my step like I did at the end of last week. As the week progressed I slowly was moving into an up-swing. I have a paralymics event in Boulder on Saturday, and I am exited about that. As, I do have the goal to participate in the London 2012 paralymics. I guess, I have noticed a trend that I am either on a big up-swing or on a down-swing. I know that this happens with everyone, but it feels like my swings are a little larger than most. The good news is; my swings are slowly getting smaller and smaller. It was the huge swings that really screwed me up. I seem to have closed the gap between the ups and the downs. That my friends is a good thing.

Other than that I am just as always working out and studying. Life as I have said before is a bit boring and I like that. It feels safe and comforting. I am spending more and more time studying. I am getting the basic concepts of the GMAT, but the test asks question in an odd manner and that is what screws me up. I look back at a question and when I get it wrong….I know exactly why I missed the answer. I didn’t fully look at the question or the answers. I figure the more I work on example questions the more I will see those things that are currently screwing me up.

On a bummer note. I was suppose to go skiing in a couple of weeks. Due to a medical issue with my friend we are not going. I was really bummed out, but that is the life of a SCI. So, the good news is I have the homestead to myself for a week, because mom is off to Hawaii on Sunday. So, I am back to living the bachelor for a while. hey haw.

Well, have a great weekend. Love ya all.


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