Random Update

26 Feb

A couple of quick things”

I recently have signed up for a AIM account. If anyone wants to chat online, please hit me up at. You can find me with the name: yoeler.

I have noticed since this blog has begun that people from time to time will ask me questions or leave a great comment. I have always wanted to provide and answer the question and etc. I did try a couple of times to write a post answering the questiions. I couldn’t quite figure out to make it coherent. So, I realized I could leave my own comment. So, any questions or great comments left will be left in the related post. Hopefully, this will make this blog slightly better. I have since left a comment on the previous post.

I also, wanted to share a photo of a new set of wheel I got to help me get through tight doors. I got them right before I left for Portland. i think all of you would want to see them as all of you made that happen by the great fund all of you set up for me last year. So, thank you very much. I really appreciate it.


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Posted by on February 26, 2008 in Previous Posts


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