A Plan?

30 Jan

First off, I know I said I would post pictures of the tattoo as soon as I get it, however, I ended up getting video of it and I’m still working on the video. i hope to have it this evening.

One of many thoughts I had after my trip to Kansas City was the thought of “a plan.” So often in life we make plans for the future. We create a sequence of events of how we would like life to occur. We envision the progression of our plan in our minds. We may even feel it in our gut that it is going to go as we plan. The one component we are never to take in to account is the life factor. Life seems to throw the wrenches in the master plan we may have. And at the end we typically end up somewhere completely different from where we envisioned. But, the question is; how do we handle to alternate path in life? Some alternate paths are easily handled, some are overwhelming. On December 9th I had a plan, today my plan is entirely different. I wonder does life have plan that I am not aware of? I don’t know. All I can say after having to adapt to a new direction in life is that the reality is we don’t have a choice. Life has taken its course and we have to move forward with what have given us. I have very slowly adapted to my alternate life. The good news is I have a revised plan. Actually, my new plan is not all that new. I always thought that I would work for many years in the construction industry and eventually move into a college professor role. that is my current plan. I guess that is the cycle of life. It goes around and around, not in a linear fashion.

Well, stay tuned for the tattoo video.

Joel “excited to hand with the sis in-law” Yates

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One response to “A Plan?

  1. Matt

    January 30, 2008 at 8:30 am

    Life, Mr. Murphy, so many factors a human simply can’t control. Really, if life went always as planned, it would be incredibly boring.
    I can’t say I would enjoy taking a class from the Yoeller, but I guess there are many worse left wing professors out there……… As long as you teach in the Gug. and not on the other side of campus I will still be able to respect you.
    I think starting as an adjunct would be a great time, really rewarding.
    Life’s a garden.


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