On My Way Home!!!

27 Jan

Well, I am at the airport waiting to get on the plane back to Denver. I had a great time in KC. I visited a WWI museum, a sunken steamboat museum, and a brewery; of course. Last night Angie had her birthday party, which was a great time. It was been a whirlwind last week two weeks. It has been really good for me. It allowed me to be a better traveler. I have seen new things. Even better I am home for a few days before I am off again to Portland, OR. to visit my bro and his family. With all that I have have going on right now I just having been feeling better about myself. And really, for the moment I would say that is the most important thing for me.

The good news I will continue to stay busy when I get back to Denver this week, as I need to collect anything that I may need for my taxes this year. It is quite a bit, so I have a lot of phone calls and paper filling this week. Also, the thing that I have going on this week is I am getting a tattoo. Before I left on my whirlwind trip I met with someone about my tattoo. I have a time scheduled for Tuesday. My tattoo has a lot of meaning for me so, I feel it is something worth doing. So, I would check back on Wednesday, to see my tat.

With all that has gone on I have a lot of things I could share, but I have to get on the plane right now. But, I will have a lot of post coming up here soon.

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One response to “On My Way Home!!!

  1. Matt

    January 28, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Glad your having fun traveling bro. I hope Portland treats you well. I am feelin your pain on the taxes, lets vote for Huckabee and the fair tax and totally eliminate the IRS!!!!! Seriously how much better off would we be without the IRS……. not enough words in the english language to answer that question.
    Anyway, safe travels and enjoy not working!!!



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